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A part of GP Inc., STEROID was born in 2011 to bring to the market what was then known as Relationship Marketing. We worked smart, worked hard, thought differently and delivered results –  always focusing on ROI!

In 2020, we reinvented ourselves with the same Customer Centric, ROI focus but added a robust offering built around newer Digital Channels and Platforms… continuing to deliver on the STEROID promise – Sustainable, Tangible and Efficient Return On Investment through Digital & 1-to-1 Marketing.

We are Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience specialists and our offering is built on the Customer Life-cycle where we help our Clients. Find, Get, Keep & Grow Customers across ‘Buy’ and ‘Own’ Phases using a range of Foundation Tools and Channels including Digital, Social and Direct methods.

STEROID takes the complex Art-Science of 1-to-1 Marketing and demystify and simplify it for clients large and small! We are nimble, smart and work the marketing dollars for our clients!


STEROID is built on a strong foundation of values which promises an excellent and seamless service with every endeavour that we take on. The cornerstone of our success is integrity, and our decade-long presence in the industry is a testament to just that. It is our moral code which makes us determined to provide only the best for our clients.

While integrity is inherent, trust is earned. Through our work over the years, we have gained the trust of several multinationals in the region. Furthermore, managing sensitive information such as customer databases for as long as we have has given us the expertise to ensure the complete security of our clients’ data.


STEROID promises commitment and passion at every step of its journey with a client.  Collectively, our team holds over 40 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital and 1-to-1 marketing.

Our people are our pride. Team STEROID is bunch of driven and dynamic people who are cherry-picked, skilled, trained, experienced and bring in international best-practice fused with regional and cultural understanding. Our Clients and assignments are a testament of we trust we enjoy in the region! 

STEROID is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (now ANA) and follow international best practice in data management and privacy as outlined by the ANA.

meet our team

We are a cherry-picked bunch of specialists in  the disciplines of CRM, Data Science, Research & Analytics. A  boutique, experienced team that finds, keeps and grows our clients in the true Steroid spirit

Lakshmi KrishnaKumar


Laksh is a passionate believer in the power of 1 to 1 Marketing — the fusion of art and science as she calls it. The ability to predict the outcomes of campaigns and control results by understanding demographics, psychographics through analytics has kept her in love with this industry for over 25 years.

Her background in Computer Science & Engineering, topped with International Business & Marketing certifications helps her interweave the best of the two worlds of technology and communication to deliver ROI!

Laksh has been Data Lead at Ogilvy One, Director CRM Consulting at Jacobsons & COO at fulcrm Direct, Arab Media Group. While driving the drivers at STEROID, Laksh balances life playing the classical guitar and travelling extensively.

Sumidha Mohammad

Lead – Data & Technology

Sumidha is an expert in the area of Customer Database Platforms and applications with 15+ years of experience. Armed with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and specialised Data Management certifications, Sumi handles data in four languages including Arabic with absolute ease and professionalism.

Sumi clearly understands regional culture, communication sensibilities as well as regional addressing requirements and CRM database nuances.

She can whip up the smartest data selects, reports and analytics within no time, and is driven to show that marketing ROI is a reality through numbers.

Beyond her ability with data and numbers, Sumi is also a creative chef in the kitchen!

Sherryl Madrona

Manager – Marketing & Operations

Young, energetic, agile and organized, Sherryl holds a degree in Advertising and PR, and bring to the table 10+ years or rich and diverse experiences from several industries including Airline, Automotive, Luxury retail and Electronics.

Sherryl is a find project manager with a sharp eye and believes that it is the detail that makes the difference. Her logical approach to problem management ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. She drives the team and keeps us all in line. No matter what task is on hand, Sherryl makes it happen well and on time!

For balance, Sherryl loves meeting people, travelling and spends many evenings listening to her K-Pop favourites, exploring her interests in Korean culture and food.

Noufal Arakkal Chirakkal

Supervisor – Operations & Design

Passion for design and commitment to turn inspiration into reality make Noufal an integral part of our creative team. His inborn design sense is backed by his knowledge attained through professional training and experience over 16+ years.

An unstinting perfectionist, Noufal dedicates mind and soul to every aspect of design and ensure that every execution is unique and exciting.

Noufal brings to the table original thinking and is a pillar of strength with his cool temperament and optimism. On a free day he works with his hands and builds spectacular 3D models!

Hydee Derama

Executive – Operations & Design

Sporty, adventurous and with a heart of gold, Hydee is a package filled with wonders. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, she has 8+ years of experience in Taiwan and the UAE.

Team STEROID sees Hydee as one of our most committed people. Her discipline and organizational skills are truly unparalleled. Hydee is a great blend of science and art is a rising star in graphic design supporting on the design team.

On her off-days, Hydee is a regular    hand-raiser at community volunteer programs and may be spotted at various regional events with her camera!

Saeeda Kabeer

Lead - Business Growth and Data

Today’s digital domain is where numbers tell stories, trends are discovered, and decisions are data-driven. Meet Saeeda, with a passion for numbers and an insatiable curiosity on a mission to unlock the secrets hidden within the data labyrinth. She spearheads business development initiatives on tech projects, leveraging her background in tech to bridge the gap between business objectives and operational constraints. Her experience encompasses the fields of social media, CRM, and project management, where her innovative approaches pave the way for strategic advancement and growth.

When the spreadsheet dust settles, you’ll find her in her element, indulging in entertainment escapades and savoring culinary adventures. From binge-watching the latest shows to exploring gourmet delights, she’s always up for a good time.

Priya Mathew

Systems Analyst & Ops Controller

Priya delivers professional excellence and stands out as a dedicated, results-driven individual, with 5+ years of experience encompassing data analysis, social media reporting, CRM, and project management. Quick to offer a helping hand and generous with team support skill, Priya transforms group efforts into harmonious symphonies of success. She has a knack for foreseeing challenges, resolving issues before they escalate and fostering an environment of proactive problem-solving.

Amidst the professional hustle , Priya finds weekends a delightful blend of excitement and relaxation, whether it’s the thrill of watching a gripping cricket match, killing it with workouts or immersing in the world of feel-good entertainment.

Alia Aouina

Lead – Levant & North Africa Operations

Alia is a master of communication strategy apart from being a specialist in delivering ROI through just the perfect cocktail of 1 to 1 services. Education, experience and time have taught her what works and what doesn’t and she applies it seamlessly delivering results time after time for clients.

Alia brings together the best of the Euro-Arab worlds, speaks English, Arabic and French and brings passion into everything she does. She’s a stickler for detail and is an integral part of our new business brainstorms.

A serious equestrian enthusiast, she’s never sure what she loves more – her horses or 1 to 1 marketing! 

Manupriya Bhandari

Consultant – Digital & Loyalty

Manu brings to the table a clear head and fine-tuned techno-commercial skills that are essential in the interactive space of 1 to 1 marketing. She is a problem solver with an optimistic outlook. With over 10 years of Digital, CRM & Loyalty management experience, Manu cracks strategy and execution with equal ease.

Over the years, Manu has successfully launched and managed Loyalty Programs for luxury retail brands and carried out Training programs across GCC. A total people’s person, her strength lies in delivering excellent results when working with diverse teams. Manu has set-up and launched e-commerce platforms for leading Jewellery brands including Pure Gold Jewellers. Manu has worked on various online and offline campaigns and delivered measurable results for renowned brands like GM, 3M, dnata, Kaya Skin Clinic to name a few. And believe us, her dancing is as WOW as her company!

Nikhil Panicker

Executive – Digital & Social Media Marketing

A tech-savvy digital marketer, Nikhil considers research and collaboration keys to success. TechNick as we fondly call him has a Bachelor’s in Engineering topped by 4+ years of experience and an MBA in Digital & Social Media from Australia.

Nikhil’s forte is in setting up exciting e-commerce platforms, using social media & digital marketing to drive sales in and using analytics to make the dollars work harder!  He is a great researcher and has a finger on the pulse of the industry.

When not in TechNick mode, Nikhil maintains work-life balance swimming and making music!

Sruthi Iyer

Digital Ideator & Trends Analyst

Sruthi brings to the table creativity in the areas of Trends Analysis and Digital relevance. She has a finger on the pulse of the millennials and  clear data driven ideas on what’s working and what’s not.

While Sruthi pursues a degree in Mechatronics & AI with a major in Marketing Analytics, she provides insights on the latest trends by industry and the kind of marketing stimulus that tech-savvy consumers are most likely to react and respond to. Chatting with her before a pitch many times changes our perspective on the direction we take!

When not questioning everything on the planet, Sruthi lightens-up life as lead singer on her band and plays some mean music on her Ukulele! A true example of left brain –  right brain balance!

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