Deploy structured, strategic programs, campaigns, initiatives to make the difference when it matters most. During the Selection & Purchase stages apply the ideal triggers to driver conversions and ROI


Having narrowed down the right audience for our campaign, the next step is to get them on board with the goal of acquiring them as a long-term loyal customer for our client. Acquiring and on boarding are important interactive processes as this will be the first time the prospect interacts with the product.

An incredible amount of research goes into planning the perfect first interaction between a possible customer and our client. Innovative ideas to build an impactful perception goes in hand with delivering customer experience. Our relevant skill set allows us to use a balanced mix of both to produce desirable results.
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Finding the target audience makes the process of getting leads, with the potential of becoming loyal customers, a step easier.

STEROID understands the importance of the right audience, and by making the best use of the tools available, we focus on reaching out to the farthest audience possible for our client. While traditional methods are evergreen, it is the digital space which allows us to understand a more diverse audience, helping us to guide leads through the customer purchase cycle.
The basis of lead generation lies in communicating and understanding a target audience. Based on our client and their product, a campaign is planned to get the most leads from a diverse crowd. Depending on the type of investment—short or long term—different methods are employed to recognize the different people making up this audience. A significant amount of user data can be understood through simple tactics such as analysing the response to certain keywords. For a larger investment, short surveys are carried out to collect information such as a customer’s habits or finances. We identify potential leads through the responses and accustom them with our client through product-specific advertisement and webpages.
The user data collected is analysed with the help of databases. Using the lead management system, we identify the different leads present, which helps us cater to each customer on a personalized level. For a lead with the potential of immediately becoming a customer, we actively relay information about our client’s products and services offered. Information about hot leads is sent to our client’s CRM system from where they, too, focus on converting them to permanent customers.

Our lead management system along with our careful curation of our clients’ social media pages is streamlined according to Google SEO criteria and managed through media management apps such as Facebook Business Manager.

The communication sent to a less promising, warm lead or a futile, cold lead is less frequent, and focussing more on our client’s profile than a particular product. The success of a lead generation and management campaign is through its ROI. We implement lead analysis methods at every stage of a campaign through custom database platforms. By understanding each stage of a campaign, we are able to tune our ideas to focus on efficient conversion rates from lead to customer, and hence, deliver high ROI
In order to make our carefully curated client-specific digital campaign more visible in the online space, we make use of SEO and SEM. Through search engine optimization, we are able to direct not only quality but also desirable quantity of traffic towards our client’s webpages. Organically, to achieve an efficient SEO, we identify and utilize relevant keywords as well as employ tools such as metatags, off-page SEO streamlining, the addition of multimedia or tagging relevant people and brands. Additionally, our paid services focus on increasing the reach on our client’s content by linking it to relevant blogs. Our local SEO services are used to cater to a specific customer demographic and our SEO expert solutions ensure that our clients get through to the right people.
Paid search is a measurable form of marketing which allows us to engage our audience with our client’s product. Through paid search, search engines promote our client with advertisements appearing on the search engine result pages. Engaging with our audience can be done in several ways—right from text ads at the top or bottom of a results page to shopping ads for a specific search. Since paid search works on a pay-per-click model, we can assess the exact impressions and responses to our content.

Keyword analysis is vital to curate advertisements that our audience will have a positive response to. By examining user data from all angles, we determine the number of different people searching for a particular product or service, along with the manner in which they consume information. Knowing our audience’s strength and behaviour, along with identifying the right keywords and their frequencies help us create an advertisement tailored for our audience. The combination of a planned advertisement and paid search goes a long way in obtaining a well-engaged audience. The procurement of the right leads could entail the start of a new customer journey or customer experience; which is exactly what we to at STEROID.
Digital campaigns are designed to cater to every aspect of marketing a product—whether it is through developing strategies to drive engagement among the audience or direct traffic to our client’s content. A strong foundation about the target market and audience behaviour is essential to plan a digital campaign. Engagement and interaction with the audience are done through several methods and platforms including promotion on partner websites, associating with similar, relevant content-specific spaces and through search engines. The success of such a campaign rides heavily on the following up with the audience and their responses. Only by understanding what is needed will we be able to work towards an efficient campaign with the promise of a high ROI.

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