These tools are structural enablers to provide the backbone for programs in the FIND, GET, KEEP and GROW Customer arenas


At STEROID, the pillars on which our structure of solutions stands is one built on understanding our clients as well as the customer base. With the right first step taken, our goal of finding, getting, keeping and growing customers is set in the right direction.
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A clear strategy and road-map is often the best place to begin work before putting in place active initiatives and campaigns in the Find, Get, Keep and Grow Customer arenas.

Once the strategy is in place and action areas are outlined in each of the 4 phases of the Customer Life-Cycle, the next step is to identify all the foundational elements needed to enable these actions with the life cycle. From Customer Data Platforms to Cross-Media Content to Data Science Platforms, Contact Centre Solutions or Software As A Service our Foundation Layer enables!


Platforms that enable ROI generating action in the Find, Get, Keep & Grow Customer arenas

Consulting Platform

Our business experts focus on delivering smart results for your business

Design & Content

We craft experiences with rich content

Contact Centre Solutions

Handle customer interactions with end-to-end capabilities

Customer Data Platforms

Manage data across a variety of touch-points

Data Science Platforms

Extract data-driven insights for driving out more value

SAAS Solutions

Custom built software and data management solutions offered as a subscription service to minimize capital investments

Before we begin our search for the right target audience, we find it imperative to understand our client and the results they wish to achieve. Over the years, we have developed the acumen to have a strategic understanding of clients. Through these methods, we form the foundation of this venture we are setting out on.

Innovation and Creativity Workshops:

Teaming up with IdeasRS gives us the opportunity to work on a platform of innovation and creativity for our clients. Through well-constructed workshops, we aim to help our clients think strategically yet out-of-the-box. Innovation of age-old ideas and practices helps for a multidirectional thought process—an essential for business rebranding and redefining their passion and purpose.

CRM Training:

The very core of finding, getting and keeping the right customers is understanding people. Having been experienced in the field of CRM for several years, we help our clients gain insight into consumer behaviour and mannerisms. We equip people with the necessary skills to efficiently communicate with potential customers. We aid them in understanding appropriate processes to utilize customer information to its potential, problem management while dealing with customers, ultimately readying them to run a CRM independently.

Using a database, essentially, the customer information our client holds and can enhance over time is stored. By collecting information such as interactions between the customer and client or understanding certain parameters about the customer such as their lifestyle and travel history, we build a customer profile. This information helps us in determining the potential customers from the lot.

STEROID uses a combination of home grown elements and open-source customer data platform tools such as MySQL and Oracle database to collect information, over time, in a phased manner. Our data governance strategy allows us to have a 360 degree on what kind of customer one might be.


Segmenting is a powerful and efficient tool when it comes to managing databases such as ours. Segmenting and categorizing the information on criteria such as highest- value or least potential customers helps us understand behaviours and preferences. With such organized information, establishing a communication channel with the right targeted audience becomes more precise.

Data Management Solution:

At STEROID, we have the specialist skills such as multilingual speakers to collect information as well as tools to analyse the collected information. Paired with other data management solutions like duplicate management, relational databse management and harmonizing the data, a useful dataset can be collected.

At STEROID, along with helping our client find the perfect target audience for their product, we also provide the means to communicate their ideas to the multitude of communities present. By finding the balance between our client’s goals and what excited our audience, we can create a plethora of content. Whether it is custom made videos or ads for the digital space, it is done in the most cost effective way. Along with these, we are also equipped to manage signage, brochures and point of purchase material.

Website Suite:

Websites are the first interaction a customer has with our client. Our web development tools are superlative as we understand the importance of a coherent online space. We cater to our client’s aspirations along every step of the way—from building a website on the platform of their choice to internet marketing to having services for the regular maintenance of the website.

Video Suite:

Audiences absorb information through a plethora of media on a variety of platforms. Our services include producing videos for content carefully curated with our client. Depending on our client’s services and products, the details of the videos such as the length and format, along with the platform—varying from YouTube to a partner website—is decided.

Web Ad Suite:

A diverse audience can be reached out to through the digital space. Given the variety of content available across platforms, it becomes imperative to make our client stand out. Based on our client’s requirements, we create advertisements for digital platforms. Through these advertisements, we understand audience behaviour, and identify potential customers in the audience.

Radio Ad and Podcasts:

A unique form of communicating to audiences is through digital audio, in the form of radio advertisements and podcasts. The communication relayed through thorough design is now done through the power of words and expressions. Within a short span of time, the goal is to familiarize the audience with our client.


Through careful selection and planning of our client’s content, we are able to attract a diversified audience to our web space. We add credibility and fine-tune our client’s content by associating them with subject specialists. A collaboration, such as this, helps us in keeping our content relevant, and in directing a specific target audience to our client’s platforms.

Data science, essentially, is the art of using different processes, algorithms and methods to understand the collected data. Keeping our client’s goals in mind, it is also imperative to study and analyse the audience we are offering this product to. We have the resources as well as manpower to provide a detailed understanding of customer bases, right from the start to the finish of a campaign. At STEROID, we view the power of data science platforms as the way forward in the future.

Business Intelligence:

Business intelligence is what makes data science platforms a key player in making CRM a success. By using the right tools to code and understand data collected such as LinkedIn Campaign Manager, our clients are able to assess the tangibilty of a strategy generating interactive, detailed reports online in order to analyse the database effiectively. A simple idea such as an automotive dashboard showcasing our performance, sales and services goes a long way is establishing the trust required for a strong customer relationship.

Measurement and Optimization:

Before the initiation of a campaign, in most cases, a pre-marketing ROI report (PMROI) can be done. The best minds in the business are supported with the perfect tools to predict the results and progress of the campaign. Similarly, at the end of each campaign, an assessment is done to see how well it fared, and identify its improvement points.

In order to study a campaign as precisely as we do, a variety of tools and ideas are put to use. Interactive ideas such as a dashboard for a client to track their progress or a simple interface made with online tools help us understand the campaign as it runs, giving us the opportunity to enhance it. By using software such as Google Data Studio, aggregated data from different sources can be understood under one perspective. This is vital in areas such as customer management, data management and campaign analysis.


In an information-driven world such as today, dashboarding enables us to keep up with the changes. Business intelligence, using dashboards, is about rapidly changing data which can be easily accessed at any given point of time. While simple dashboarding is implemented through tools such as Tableau and Power BI, complex dashboarding is a culmination of several steps. Using Open Database Connectivity Tools (OPCT), we format every piece of information into a common structure. Irrespective of the kind of data, Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools help us to store it on any platform of our client’s choice. An OLAP Cube stores the formatted data in a multidimensional system—one where we can efficiently analyse the information, and build our dashboard.

The basis of dashboarding lies in quick and efficient decision-making. With the help of dashboards, we provide, for our client, a one-stop platform for all their business questions on information about their various areas of their business. By analysing and keeping track of KPIs and metrics, our clients are able to immediately pinpoint as well rectify problem areas, thereby ensuring consistently improving performance and efficiency.


Data management and customer database platforms help us store, understand and access information across all, online as well as offline, platforms. The user data is collected from various sources—whether it is through online platforms and groups, or through contacting relevant people and businesses within the audience to spread the word about our client and their product. By utilizing databases, we analyse our target audience and identify patterns and traits unique to that audience. Throughout the customer purchase cycle, with this data, we are able to provide for a consistent, efficient and most importantly, personalized experience to every customer a part of our client’s base.

DMP Management:

The user data and information collected is analysed to understand every customer as a part of the databases. Through the profiling of each customer, we are able to build towards a seamless and personalized customer experience. Timely understanding of an audience using parameters such as their lifestyle choices or shopping patterns gives us a strong foundation towards the creation and expansion of a loyal customer base for our client.

Search Engine Optimization:

An efficient SEO plays a crucial role in directing traffic—both, quality and quantity—to a website. Using a tool as powerful as SEO, we optimize our webpages to make them more visible to a particular audience. Finding the balance between well-curated content and relevant keywords is the secret to an efficient, effective SEO. While a website’s SEO can be improved through organic methods using tools like metatags, or through paid services by associating with relevant blogs and platforms. Local SEO—where a website is a top-most search if a customer is in a particular location—is a growing but important tool for optimization. Although there are several methods available to generate a powerful SEO, the core ideas of analysing the response to the keywords remains evergreen. Through these keywords, we understand consumer behaviour, and tailor our client’s campaigns to meet their desires.

Search Engine Marketing:

Through paid advertisements, using SEM, we are able to communicate with a potential customer at the right time. By analysing the keywords an audience uses on search engines, we are able to identify a target audience most suitable for our client’s products and services. Through these keywords and audience activity, we curate advertisements to introduce our client to the audience. As SEM works on a pay-per-click model, we get a definite idea about the impact of our advertisements, helping us to adapt to what the audience is looking for.

Programmatic Advertising:

Communication with customers can never be confined to a singular channel or platform. Programmatic advertising, essentially, is the automated buying and selling of advertising on all online platforms. Using a vast database of user data, through programmatic advertising, information about our client can be programmed to be sent to a particular platform—be it a phone, tablet or even television. By understanding the target audience, we identify the different people comprising our audience. This helps us send communication to the right group of people at the right time, ensuring an efficient as well as a personalized experience for each customer of our client’s.

Through our robust Campaign Management and Drip Marketing tools, we are able to segment, filter and send tailored and personalised communication to customers and prospects based on their choices and need for information. This makes communication more relevant and controlled thus raising response rates and ROI. Using tools like Google Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager, we maintain a structured yet creative approach to each and every one of our campaigns.

STEROID manages a functional twenty agent call centre in Jordan. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities, our agents can communicate in English, Arabic, French and other regional languages. They are well-trained to handle, both, inbound and outbound problems which require such solutions.

In today’s world, digitalization and technology can make or break a campaign. Reaching the masses is not only possible through traditional methods but also through the online space, apps and other media. STEROID, keeping this in mind, offers software solutions as service to our clients. We have the resources and skills required to customize software tailored to meet the client’s needs in the digital marketing world. Without the worry of investing in hardware, our client approves every step of the way—from development of prototypes to testing and releasing of the final product.  Immense amounts of research, discussion and workshops go into producing a cost-effective custom solution. For a monthly fee, we offer an array of services—ranging from custom apps to database management to dashboard tools.

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