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The first step to a successful campaign is identifying the right target audience along with the possible prospects. Our understanding of the audience out there leads us to believe that it can be divided into three—the customers who buy, the prospects who need convincing, and the suspects who are oblivious yet perfect for our client. At STEROID, it is about culminating our skills and experience to make these suspects into possible prospects, ultimately ensuring all our customers are part of a loyal base.

Finding the target audience makes the process of getting leads, with the potential of becoming loyal customers, a step easier. STEROID understands the importance of the right audience, and by making best use of the tools available, we focus on reaching out to the farthest audience possible for our client. While traditional methods are evergreen, it is the digital space which allows us to understand a more diverse audience, helping us to guide leads through the customer purchase cycle.
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Our prospection solutions are focussed on finding our clients the perfect customers for their products. While traditional methods such as emails and texts work wonders, social media has changed the dynamics of communication and services.

The digital world allows our curated content such as advertisements and displays to be more accessible to a worldwide audience. Whether it is through target advertising or a campaign-specific landing page, our focus is to divert the traffic of a diverse customer base onto our client’s customer base.

Digital Advertising

By digitally advertising our client’s products through social media and channels such as emails and websites, we are able to communicate to an otherwise far-reaching audience. The key to making our content receive a wider audience lies in analysing the user data while also utilizing the best tools available. The ultimate goal is to create a connection with our target audience, allowing us to engage with them and find the right prospects for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The deciding factor in a website to be the topmost result of a search is not just its content, but rather, the right keywords. A tool as powerful as SEO benefits us in terms of, both, the quality as well as the quantity of traffic diverted to the website. At STEROID, we help achieving an efficient SEO organically—by making use of tools such as metatags and additional multimedia—as well as through paid services such as linking our client’s website to relevant blogs. Our SEO consultant and team work hand-in-hand to ensure the success of your online ad campaign.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an essential online marketing strategy as it managed to catch the right customer at the right time. Using the keywords one uses the most on a search engine, relevant advertisements can be presented to a potential customer base. Using the combined power of SEO and SEM, we not only have the opportunity to target a large but also a specific and promising audience for our client. It is also the key solution to successful online advertising.

Our activation solutions ensure us of a fruitful future. By taking an interactive idea to a prospective party, we aim to create aspiration and excitement—the fuel for future sales. While a certain percentage of our audience is immediately converted into customers, our activation solutions majorly focus on brand affiliation and familiarization with the buyers of tomorrow.

The success of such a campaign is determined by its ROI. This is carried out by analysing results obtained in converting a suspect from a prospect to a customer. Realizing the power of this conversion, for a given amount spent, the focus at STEROID is to always deliver the highest possible ROI.

To build a database of customers, the search for the right audience is never restricted to one place or a single approach. It is always tailored around the client and their products. Along with the traditional techniques of print and digital media, reaching out to specific groups or relevant people helps us to tap into a specific yet potential audience.

Business to Customer (B2C)

Reaching out to a potential audience through the people is often one of the best ways to leave a mark. Depending on our client’s products, we engage potential customers through specific advertisements, online groups and offer incentives for referrals. The response from various sources helps us build a database. By frequently following up and analysing the engagement, we are able to pinpoint definite customers to our client, as well as regularly communicate with potential customers.

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B marketing involves advertising or promoting products and services from one business to another. Potential customer bases are also found in businesses relevant to our client and their products. Building such a database is done using various cutting edge tools across different business platforms and forums. These databases give us access to not only immediate but also potential customers. Our B2B business strategy consequently also ensures clear communication and execution of every business’ requirements.

DMP is a platform to collect and organize customer data through various sources, and is also beneficial in gaining customer insights. By collecting information through complaints and suggestions received, and by regularly interacting on social media, we are able to expand our customer databases. Understanding our databases helps us to effectively engage with the different kinds of people that comprise of our client’s customer base.
Communication with customers is streamlined and prompt through structured channels. With an audience with specific parameters comprising each of these channels, the catering of their needs is seamlessly different for each of them. In the long run, channels help us engage a specific audience with different products and ideas, relevant to that of our clients.

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