Deliver memorable and tangible on-ground brand experiences that generate awareness/ leads, drive conversions and ROI!


STEROID ACTIVE focuses on marketing strategies and programs that are both, experiential as well as engaging for the customers. Activations build the perfect moment for a customer to meet your product and services. The success of this one moment is given in the form of ROI, measured in terms of leads, responses and conversions.

We build towards this interaction by offering communication options to marketers aimed at broadening and deepening relationships with the consumers. We link them to a select and broad group of consumers geographically, demographically, psycho-graphically or behaviourally through events and engagements.

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Our engagement concepts aim at acquiring marketing intelligence and creating consumer interaction that facilitate brand affinity. Our engagement platforms allow us to filter consumers through tagging, reviewing, rating and recommending to support your product. By pinpointing these customers, we then drive these leads through your CRM funnel—the journey from being a lead to a prospect to a loyal customer.

To establish a strong connection between you and your audience, we break down our services into three stages – Creating and developing new platforms for customer engagement, creating specific micro-events for customer participation and dialogue and managing event sponsorships…
STEROID ACTIVE provides engagement concepts that reflect the best of your ideas, strategy and budget. While our ideas may vary, depending on the client and their product, our approach to any endeavor remains the constant.

The first step to strong customer engagement is identifying the areas and communities our target audience will be more willing to participate. This is followed by establishing the manner in which the audience will like to interact with the client’s product. Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign is imperative in determining how engaging were the audience, hence establishing potential leads.

STEROID ACTIVE is a turnkey service—one ready to provide as variety of services to fulfil your requirements to attain the best possible customer engagement. We provide solutions for every domain, right from activation to lead generation.
  • Creating and developing new platforms for Customer engagement
  • Creating specific micro-events for Customer participation and dialogue
  • Managing events sponsorships

  • Identify where customer engagement -marketing efforts should take place; which of the communities that the target customers participate in are the most engaging?

  • Specify the way in which target customers engage, or want to engage, with the company or offering.

Measure how successful was the effort at engaging target customers.

  • Activation Strategy
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Government Permissions
  • Stand/ Collateral/ Uniform Production
  • Giveaways management
  • Promoters
  • Lead collection & transfer
  • Reporting

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