Structured bouquets tailored to deliver across the Customer Life-Cycle for large enterprises and multinational corporations looking to raise the bar for Customers & to drive ROI and PBO!



Finding the right target audience plays key in setting the direction for our campaigns. To build this specific audience, the prospect goes through two key stages — Awareness and Research.

The first step to a loyal customer is introducing the product and services of our client to them. Through our databases, the information collected helps us selecting a possible prospect based on parameters such as their demographic, lifestyle, travel etc.

Once made aware to the right person, they will start considering our client’s product. Essentially, consideration is nothing but the decisions one makes before any purchase. At this stage, one does research to answer questions such as the price, product’s features and its necessity in their lives.


Having narrowed down the right audience for our campaign, the next step is to get them on board with the goal of acquiring them as a long-term loyal customer for our client. Acquiring and on boarding are important interactive processes as this will be the first time the prospect interacts with the product.

Incredible amount of research goes into planning the perfect first interaction between a possible customer and our client. Innovative ideas to build an impactful perception goes in hand with delivering customer experience. Our relevant skill set allow us to use a balanced mix of both to produce desirable results.


The interactive stages of adopting and servicing build towards a loyal customer base. As a customer begins to use and understand a product, questions around the features and services offered or instances such as wanting to lodge a complaint come about. The more a user engages with the product, the better the dialogue created between them and our client.

The support and services offered by our client, at this stage, sets the base for a customer to become a more permanent member of their clientele. By using customer interaction as a tool, we aim to create a mind-set where the customer plans to become a loyal long-term member of our client.


The last phase of the product purchase cycle sets up for the next cycle with the customer.

The first part of this cycle is focussed on getting the customer to advocate for the product. Word-Of-Mouth marketing aims to project the product as positive addition in their life by customers referring to personal experiences.

Appropriately advocating for the product also allows us to focus on retention of the customer. Detailed analysis and statistical modelling help us predict customers with the highest potential as well as those most likely to move away. At this stage, upselling of a similar product is done as a way to ensure the customer remains loyal.


Platforms that enable ROI generating action in the Find, Get, Keep & Grow Customer arenas
The pillars on which our solutions’ structure stands is built on a good understanding of our clients’ business model as well as of their prospects and customers. A clear strategy and road-map is often the best place to begin work before putting in place active initiatives and campaigns in the Find, Get, Keep and Grow Customer arenas.

Once the strategy is in place and action areas are outlined in each of the 4 phases of Customer Life-Cycle, the next step is to identify all the foundational elements needed to enable these actions with the life cycle.

Our Consulting Platforms, Customer Data Platforms, Design & Content, Social & Digital Platforms, Data Science Platforms, Contact Centre Solutions and SAAS Solutions are key enablers…


Understanding the Customer Life-Cycle and developing structured yet zany Customer Experiences is the core of our business.

We have carefully built solutions around the Find | Get | Keep & Grow Customer phases and have a Foundation Solutions Layer that is built to enable you to get ROI and PBO (Planned Business Outcome) by energizing these phases through 1-to-1 Marketing actions…



Structured for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) Boost marketing and sales efforts with our stand-alone services


Deliver memorable and tangible on-ground brand experiences that generate awareness/ leads, drive conversions and ROI!


Setup and manage 360° CRM. People | Process | Technology. Find | Get | Keep | Grow Customers.

Direct Marketing

Reach prospects with 1 to 1 campaigns. Use Email | SMS | WhatsApp. Get Leads, Conversions, ROI!

Design & Content

Develop cross-media design and content that works for your brand. Get content that delivers responses and calls to action!

Social & Digital

Exploit the power of SEO, SEM, Online Ad Campaigns, Social Media Management, Social Care. Design and monitor to ensure action!

Research & Analytics

Use simple dipstick research and Data Science to guide your marketing decisions. Get better returns from your marketing investments!

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