Keeping customers is clearly more profitable than acquiring new customers! In the all important Experience & Retention stages deploy the programs to keep customers engaged, involved and excited. Nurture customers to turn into ambassadors


Once a prospect becomes a customer, the focus shifts to keeping them as a permanent member of our client’s customer base. Interactive processes fuel this stage to create a dialogue between the customer and our client. As a customer begin to familiarize themselves with the product, queries about its features and functioning along with wanting to lodge a complaint or offer suggestions come up. The efficiency of the support services our client provides plays a key role in creating a mindset where customers wish to remain loyal to our client.
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Customer interaction forms the basis to all our services in this stage. Through touch-point audits, we analyse every point of interaction a customer has with our client—right from the introduction of the product online to routine service and the purchasing of accessories. By identifying and rectifying the problem points at each stage, we constantly work towards providing a seamless customer experience cycle.

Loyalty programs are structured to make a customer feel connected to our client. By curating a product-specific loyalty program, we hone a customer’s desire to remain a member of our client’s base. Our goal is actively keep a customer engaged through rewards, discounts, merchandise and even, future products. Reward-based initiatives are not only focussed on customer interaction but also towards building a loyal, permanent customer base for our client.

The first interaction our audience has with our client is through their website. Our services focus on keeping our client’s content fresh and relevant. By regularly updating the website content with latest information along with pertinent multimedia, linked blogs and similar websites, our aim is develop positive customer engagement and interaction. Frequently refreshing and customising our content is key in managing a keen audience, and in turn, developing a strong connection with them.

The services and assistance a client offers to their customers is the difference between efficient and ineffective customer interaction. Our services include building client-specific applications through an easy & accessible application manager for both iOS and Android platforms, for seamless communication. Through such an interface, our client can focus on delivering a personalized experience to each customer. Our applications allow for communication to be a two-way street—our client relaying information about their services and sending reminders, while customers, too, can reach out with any query, complaint or suggestion.

Social media is an essential, if not the primary, channel of communication across audiences. By managing our client’s social media using Google Account Manager and Facebook Page Manager, we aim to establish a strong relationship with their customers. Our focus is to be readily available and present for our client’s customers by being well- prepared to provide any form of assistance to them. While we are equipped to handle general, instant queries regarding our client’s products and services, the more serious problems are immediately conveyed to our client to take over.

A regular and relevant social media presence plays an important role in increasing audience engagement as well as to understand consumer behaviour. We ensure our client’s social media handles are frequently updated while also managing customer interaction. By following and analysing different parameters of social media interaction such as likes and followers, we assess key points of interests among the customers, and integrate them into maintaining a reliable social media presence.

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