Direct Marketing helps you reach your audience by sharp targeting – a cost efficient and measurable way to get sales and results


STEROID DIRECT aims at cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between marketers and their customers through data-driven, cross-media, interactive multi channel processes. Direct marketing plays a key role in relationship marketing as it can deliver a targeted message to incite a response. By engaging a targeted audience, we see quick and measurable results while achieving efficiency in terms of cost and ROI.

Our campaigns are designed to develop a strong relationship between you and your customer base by facilitating optimized targeting, strong call-to-action and response mechanics. We prioritize optimal time, the lowest cost channels and market research, and through sharp targeting ensure the best response and Return On Investment.

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STEROID DIRECT is built on the following beliefs, enabling us to focus on establishing efficient and regular communication with your customers.
  • Avoid wasteful communication – target your customers and their specific requirements
  • Establish a relationship with the right consumers
  • Learn more about your customers- their likes and dislikes and fine tune your marketing communication to suit their requirements
  • Retain existing customers as well as attract new customers
While finding the right audience and communication channel, the battle is half won. The victory lies in knowing the nuances of direct communication, and what drives it
  • Right List
  • Right Offer
  • Right Timing
  • Right Creative
  • Right Platform for Responses
  • Right Measure
We communicate with the audience through a variety of methods depending on the platform and communication channel.


Reach your audience for targetted 1-to-1 Campaigns via Email, SMS or WhatsApp. Omni-channel campaigns help you reach prospects and better Response Rate and Conversions apart from increasing top-of-mind recall.

For a custom reach grid for specific countries, specific demographics or specific conditions, please get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page. In the form, please describe your requirement and we will send through information and suggest best channel efficiencies and creative routes based on best practice and regional experience.

We can work with you to estimate response rates and conversions and ensure your campaign gets ROI!
STEROID DIRECT helps plan a strategy for a campaign right from campaign design and product selection & pricing, distribution planning, market planning, brand alignment to loyalty programs.
With access to over 9 million records covering business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) requirements across 15 countries including GCC, Levant & North Africa, we promise to devise a campaign tailored to your requirements.

Communication with a customer can also be through well-curated outlets using copywriting, formatting of art, telephone scripting, storyboarding, site design as well as email design.

Databases are vital in not only collecting customer data but also analysing and understanding customer behaviour. Our services include database design and build, data organization, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), CDI (Customer Data Integration), along with regular maintenance.
STEROID offers services in managing your data by ensuring it is accurate and updated in terms of name, address, email, standardization, de-duping, address validation, house holding and web analytics.
Data processing is completely dependent on understanding the nuances of a particular region—right from its people to the convention used in naming. At STEROID, we have a comprehensive and extensive understanding of the regions we operate out of, hence promising efficient standardization of user data.

Customer databases comprise data from a variety of sources. Every field of data is stored in different formats. Through data processing techniques, the data is harmonized and brought into a standard format. Using the right combination of semi-automated algorithms and real-time experience, the collected information is deduplicated.

At its core, data processing is about streamlining our data in order to ensure correct communication to our customers. The smallest of technical variation—from a PO code to differentiating structures and sounds of names—can result in unprofessional communication. What makes our skillset unique is the thorough understanding we have of every region and its people. Our specialization in this field, along with our validation methods, help us maintain quality data—the foundation of an efficient CRM system.
STEROID provides assistance in establishing communication in all channels, be it in a traditional or digital space though printing and mailing, email development, search engine optimization, and order management and fulfilment.
Data analysis focuses on obtaining relevant insights from the collected information. While descriptive analysis help us summarize the user data in a quantified, definitive manner, it is predictive analysis which lets us determine future outcomes. Through tools ranging from data mining to machine learning, a concrete understanding of the target audience is achieved. Segmentation, based on decided parameters, helps us cater to the different kinds of customers in a personalized manner. Using experimental design methods, consumer behaviour is understood through the allocation of customers into smaller groups. Through systematic communication, we are able to understand every customer’s needs and expectations. By accordingly tailoring our campaigns, at every stage of the purchase cycle, we are able to deliver seamless, memorable customer experience and service.
For every endeavour undertaken, its success must be determined through parameters such as campaign measurement, media management and channel measurement.

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