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STEROID CRM is a strategy focused on managing customer relations. At STEROID, we believe that there is only one profit centre, and that is the customer.

Customer relationship management is not just about valuing a customer but also engaging and prioritizing their requirements, as it changes over the years to come. As an organization, recognizing your customers will go a long way in maintaining a successful business. The average company loses half of its customers in five years. Within those five years, it loses half of its employees in four years and half of its investors in a single year. Around 30% of Fortune 1000 companies fail to recognize the value of their customers..

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The power a loyal customer holds is immeasurable. Extremely satisfied customers are six times more likely to repurchase than satisfied customers. While those satisfied spread good word to only about 5 people, dissatisfied customers talk about their experience to over 9 people.

We aim to integrate the best of business ideas and experience to provide for a seamless customer experience. During every campaign, we help you deliver the experience to your customers by providing the following services.
  • Consultation across areas covering people, process as well as technology (Acquisition, Retention & Upsell to customers)
  • Developing a strategy and roadmap for your specific business needs and customer expectation
  • Deployment of CRM tools to ensure best in-class data and process handling
  • Creating and enhancing value using tools such as the best model, organisational effectiveness and efficiency and customer loyalty programs

For successful CRM, we focus on four business levers– Acquisition, Retention, Efficiency, Penetration.

Our engagement concepts aim at acquiring marketing intelligence and creating consumer interaction that facilitate brand affinity. Our engagement platforms allow us to filter

By taking customer-specific parameters such as acquisition, retention, loyalty and evangelism, along with cost reduction and productivity, we devise a plan of action to improve your CRM, promising not only efficiency but also a high ROI.

At STEROID, our expert specialists will guide you towards enhanced customer satisfaction, boosted sales, and increased efficiency and, ultimately, your goals for a successful CRM. We take time to understand your critical issues and work to design, implement and integrate the CRM solution that is right for your business. We can recommend and support a range of regular and open source tools including SugarCRM. SuiteCRM, SalesForce. We also support and manage cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) systems to ensure our clients get the best from the products they acquire!

STEROID helps you plan your communication calendar more effectively with comprehensive information about your customer, with the aim to deliver effective ROI

Training and necessary support is crucial for any technological investment to prosper. With that understanding as our focus, STEROID offers comprehensive services to ensure your users as well as system administrators realize the full value of your investment.

Customer Loyalty Programs are often part and parcel of a comprehensive CRM strategy. STEROID provides consultation and end to end solutions for development and implementation of a Loyalty Program.

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