STEROID is the acronym for Sustainable, Tangibile & Efficient Return On Investment through Digital/ Direct marketing & CRM.

STEROID is the result of a dream to create a unique agency that delivers high Return on Investment (ROI) every time – thus creating a unique and tangible platform for marketeers! This dream became a reality in 2009 when STEROID was born. Today, STEROID perfectly bridges the gaps in the Middle East Direct Marketing, CRM Support Services and Activations market. In effect, STEROID is the marriage of art and science and the convergence of best-practice and innovation across Advertising, Direct, Digital Marketing, CRM.& Activation...

The team brings to the table 30+ man-years of industry experience, from working with a multitude of local and multi-national clients including 3M, Cartier, General Motors, Kaya Skin Clinic, Bin Hendi and more ...STEROID is inspired by results and we work as a team with our clients, merging their strengths with ours - delivering innovative ideas and results.

Our core strength is in our ability fuse international best practices with regional know-how backed by a sound understanding of regional sensibilities. Viva ROI!!!

Meet key members @ Team STEROID...

Lakshmi KrishnaKumar

Laksh is a passionate believer in the power of 1 to 1 Marketing. The fusion of art & science as she calls it! The ability to predict outcomes of campaigns and control results by understanding demographics, psychographics and analytics is what has kept her in love with the industry across a span of over 20 years. Equipped with Computer Science + International Business/ Marketing certifications, she interweaves the nuances of technology and communications arena creating very desirable results. Laksh has been Data Lead at Ogilvy One, Director - CRM Consulting at Jacobsons and COO at fulcrm direct - Arab Media Group.

A master of the mix, she has generated commendable results & positive ROI for her clients including GM, 3M, Cartier, Lenovo, Canon... across Direct, CRM and Activation projects. Laksh keeps the balance through playing Classical Guitar and exciting travel.

Noufal C
Executive - Design & Operations

Passion for design and creativity and the commitment to turn inspiration into reality makes Noufal an integral part of the Steroid creative team. His inborn talent in designing is backed by his knowledge attained through professional training and experience over many years. Dedicating mind and heart to every aspect of design makes him the master of perfection, which combined with his cool temperament and a can do attitude makes him one of the true reflections of what STEROID stands for.

Sherryl Madrona
Marketing & Operations Executive

Young and energetic Sherryl hails from Philippines. She’s quick & organized and loves to meet new people, make new friends and travel. Holds a degree in Advertising and PR she brings to the table rich experience from diverse industries, such as Airlines & Ticketing, Electronics and Media... Sherryl makes it happen well and on time!.

Sonali Kukreti
Biz Development Manager

A powerhouse of positive energy, Sonali is always exploring new and uncharted territories. She brings to STEROID a bracing charm which is impossible to miss. With experience of over 12 years in the MENA region in cross-media Sales covering Radio, Outdoor and Print, Sonali understands the market, consumer behaviour and what makes people tick!

Sonali brings to the table experience with clients such as flydubai, Chevrolet, Cadillac, dnata National Bonds, Sharaf DJ, RSA Insurance, EMAX, e-CITY, Emirates Airlines, Mashreq Bank… and brings home experience from working with some of the best names in Hospitality & Service including the Taj Mahal Hotel-Mumbai and FedEx.
Being as talented as she is versatile and energetic, Sonali’s other side reveals her experience as an RJ, TV Newsreader, Voice-Over Artist, State Volleyball Team player and even winner of Miss Mumbai in her prime!

Sumidha Mohammad
Manager-Database & Technology

Sumidha is an ace customer database manager with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and specialised database management accreditations.. Sumidha handles data in four languages including Arabic and is attuned to regional culture, communication sensibilities as well as addressing requirements and CRM database nuances. She can whip up the smartest data selects, reports and analytics and is driven to show that marketing ROI is a reality through numbers. She also whips up some really great mocktails!

Renuka Varma
Manager – Finance & Operations

An extremely vibrant and fun-loving Renuka brings adds zest to the STEROID mix. Understanding different cultures and human behavior is an essential part of her work and her background in Sociology is a great help. Her multi-tasking ability makes her easily blend her passion for music and work perfectly well. Her sound people skills and multilingual abilities reflect positively in her day to day dealings with Clients and Suppliers.

Manupriya Bhandari
Biz Development Manager – Technology

Manu brings to the table a clear little head and fine-tuned techno-commercial skills that are essential in the interactive space of 1 to 1 marketing. With a Bachelors in Arts, a post-grad Marketing Degree and Social Media specialization, Manu cracks strategy and execution with equal ease.

Her 6+ years of experience across blue-chip media/ marketing businesses and excellent track record make her a favourite with clients. Manu has worked on various online and offline campaigns and delivered measurable results for renowned brands like GM, 3M, dnata, WWICS, Kaya Skin Clinic to name a few. And believe us, her dancing is as WOW as her company!

Alia Aouina
Director – Levant & North Africa

Alia is a master mixer, delivering results through just the perfect cocktail of 1 to 1 services. Education, experience and time have taught her what works and what doesn’t and she applies it seamlessly delivering results time after time for clients.

Alia brings together the best of the Euro-Arab worlds, speaks English, Arabic and French and brings passion into everything she does. She’s never sure what she loves more – her horses or 1 to 1 marketing! Her presence is certainly boosts performance all around.

Narmeen Ali
Lead - PR & Government Interaction

Narmeen makes it right, not matter what the problem is! With years of experience in Direct Marketing in the UK , US and the UAE across different industries including Pharma, Auto, Government, Banking… she is a great player on the team. Her government contacts and PR skills are very honed and effective. That apart, Narmeen’s Turkish-Iranian looks and British accent always arouse the curiosity of many people she comes across… and most find she’s great fun and great to work with.